Summer is the time to create

Summer is the time to create.
For many of us, the academic year provides little opportunity for our own creative projects, and when summer comes, we face tremendous pressure — from ourselves and from others — to produce.
What if you had a personal trainer for your art and research? We all stay on track better when someone knows our goals and is willing to track our progress, give feedback, or even offer prompts.
I think you need a Badger. And through my summer Badger program, I’ll help you rise to the challenges you’ve set for yourself. I offer a creative writing prompt bank, plus personal daily encouragement and reminders. You will even earn badges for your personal achievements as you meet those goals you declared at the outset of the project.
Who can benefit from The Badger?
* A poet writing work to fill holes in a manuscript.
* A novelist who is tired of seeing the desktop file abandoned after the first forlorn chapters.
* A writer who wants to maximize summer publishing opportunities.
* A freelancer who would like to expand to the point of self-sufficiency.
* Any scholar who wishes to complete a major research project.
* Anyone who wishes to reach goals not related to writing or research — from fitness to spiritual health/meditation to establishing healthy habits (or abandoning unhealthy ones).
It’s summer. Why not think about yourself for a change?
Spaces are available for June and July. The cost is $45 per month, or, if you pay this week, a discounted rate of $75 for both.
PM on Facebook or e-mail to register or for more information. 🙂